Every year, the entire Dallas Cowboys organization gets the honor and privilege to attend a City Hall event hosted by the Jones family and head coach, Jason Garrett. We get to hear about the successes within the company and what the future holds. The event is truly an inspiration and causes positive ripples throughout the year. The 2017 season wasn’t the best year for the football club, but was still an incredible year for the company as a whole. There is so much to be proud of off the field and it makes me go back to these wise words from Coach Garrett – “Re-commit. Every day”.

Coach gave us a pep talk about New Year’s resolutions and how quickly they’re broken when the new year has passed. He gave this same talk to the team at training camp in Oxnard. The question was WHY are resolutions broken? The answer was simple. Goals with commitment will succeed and those without will fail. So, how do you get to your goals? How do you succeed? RE-COMMIT. EVERY DAY.

Remind yourself of your goals and re-commit to them every day and you’ll be set up for success.

I’ve decided to try out this approach with my goals this year. Oh, by the way, I set goals instead of resolutions. Sure, they could be classified as the same thing. I’m not sitting here trying to shave off 3 lbs or trying to go to the gym more. I’m setting attainable goals of things that I want to accomplish. There is a fitness related goal that’s more like a challenge than anything else.

  1. Run 3 half-marathons in 2018.
  2. Travel to Spain.
  3. Learn to play a song on guitar.

The year started pretty strong because I wrote my goals down and put them in a place where I would see them every single day. Out of site, out of mind is no joke. I need these things where I can be reminded constantly! Well, I’m happy to have already checked off some boxes! One half-marathon is done and the other two are on the calendar. My trip to Spain is booked and approaching so fast. Actually, I’ll be running my second half-marathon of the year while I am in Spain. How freaking cool is that??? I’ve started guitar with some “Learn how to play guitar” youtube videos and it’s starting to stick. I just set some time in the week to sit there in front of the TV and pick up my guitar to try and learn something new.

So far, I’m kicking these goals asses.