Recently, a client of mine running eCommerce on WordPress was faced with a bit of a dilemma. Due to a plugin conflict, their error log file grows at a staggering rate, eventually consuming all available disk space and crashing their site. I know as a developer, my first step when they reached out to me was to check the error logs. The first time I checked, the log file was over 80GB! Let’s talk a bit more about the setup here. They host with Codero on a VPS and manage everything through PLESK (gross). They run WordPress with WooCommerce. We had to take a phased approach here to solve the problem. I’ll be talking about phase one: Create a job to remove the error_log every 3 days. That’s the scope right there. Pretty simple! It doesn’t fix the overall issue: Why is the error log filling up so, much so fast? That’s my next phase (another day). Okay, let’s explain